Saving lives one by one

About Us


We are dedicated to helping cats and caring for the welfare and improving the quality of life of abandoned cats and kittens in and around Cascais & Sintra, Portugal.

We are committed to helping cats and kittens.

Every day cats are abandoned on the streets and kittens thrown in dustbins. Kind people who cannot adopt them post pictures and plead for help with food, vet care or adoption on the local media pages. The animal sanctuaries are often overcrowded, understaffed and underfunded, even more so now due to the current crisis.

One at a time, we find and collect them from the streets and provide a safe and caring foster home until we find them their loving forever homes. During this time they are loved, cared for and taken to the vet for treatment as necessary. Many of them will have injuries, fleas, worms, eye and skin infections or other diseases and will need neutering, medications, vaccines and more severe cases will need surgery.

Extremely important to us and them is the individual time and care they receive from a loving foster home until they are healthy and ready for their forever homes. We ensure they are kept out of cages with our dedicated network of local foster homes.

What we have done

…..and will continue to do with your ongoing support and our dedicated team of volunteers

Find Foster Forever

Rescued, fostered and found forever homes for over 100 cats and kittens since April 2020

We find abandoned, hungry, sick, frightened cats and kittens and transform their lives by bringing them into loving foster homes, giving them proper medical care and food and then finding individuals and families that will love them forever.